March 18-24, 2018

Wednesday Faith Connections~ 6:30 All are invited to participate in corporate prayer and discuss Spiritual Warfare. We will be reading Job 1-2 for Wednesday March 21st.

Email Address for Ministry Details
Please use email address when communicating with the ministry assistant, Rochelle, for any ministry needs or bulletin details. Please have all bulletin announcements/updates sent to this e-mail by Wednesday morning of each week.

Opportunities to learn and grow spiritually!
•Find a role in serving the body see Rochelle for more information.
Choose to study the bible during our bible hour following our corporate worship each week.
•Pray with and for others on Wednesday evening.
•Be bold in your testimony and witness for Christ.

AWANA and Youth Group will meet on Sunday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 p.m., September 17-April 29.

Our Daily Bread Spring Edition ~ March/April/May is available for you and for encouraging others.

Our study will resume with the topic of Pneumatology (the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit). We are using “Biblical Doctrine” by John Macarthur. ISBN 9781433545917. Please go to Amazon and order a copy of the book, if you haven’t already purchased one last fall.
Please read pages 359-379 and answer the questions on the handout Pastor gave us in class.

Would you like to be a Member of our church? You are invited to learn more about us and how to join a great group of believers.
Ask Pastor Mark about our partnership class.

Men of Faith~Only twice a month you can start your morning with breakfast and a bible study next meeting is on Saturday, March 24th at 7:00 a.m. in the lower level fellowship hall.

Marcus will be our speaker Sunday March 25th for morning worship and the Bible Hour. His wife Elizabeth and Hosanna 11, David and Joseph 9 will be with him. Would you be interested in providing hospitality to them while they are with us? Please see Rochelle or Pastor Mark.

There will be no afternoon ministries March 25th due to Spring Break.

Resurrection Sunday!~Join us as we celebrate this significant day! We plan to start with breakfast at 8:15 a.m. Please sign up and bring breakfast items to share. The sign up is on the information center table. Worship service at 9:30 a.m. will follow. There will be no Bible Hour, or afternoon ministries so you can spend time with family.

Ladies of Faith~Please prepare lesson two of our new study “Enough” A study on the book of Colossians. We will meet at 6:00 p.m. on April 3 at Anna’s home, 419 Iverson Street. For more information or to get a book and join us see Mary Rhode.

Please save the date for WFBC Retreat April 6-7, 2018. The theme is “Our Journey of Faith”. Please see Mary Rhode for a registration packet.

Church Camping August 24-26 ~Now is the time to reserve your campsite at Franklin Lake Loop 28-40. Please go to We invite you to join us and not to miss out on this special time. Many of us look forward to seeing you there.

Bible Hour Electives:
Strengthen your faith in a specific age group study.
Adult Class: Pneumatology I John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue Pages 349-359
Teen Class: Genesis “In The Beginning” Lower level classroom.
Primary Class: Lower level classroom.

Marriage Minute 3-18-18
It has been said, opposites attract, then after marriage opposites often will attack! Most marriages are made up of opposites. Learning to resolve those differences will require work, grace, and communication with each other. Together as a couple and with God’s blessing, you can learn to complement one another for the betterment of your marriage and for God’s Glory.

There are the four basic temperaments which we should recognize to understand our spouse better.
1. Choleric – is a driver; must win, aggressive, lives in the now, rulers rule, people are a means to an end.
2. Sanguine – expressive, needs to have fun, impulsive, usually late, majority rule, people pleaser.
3. Phlegmatic – amiable, needs to be safe, passive, procrastinator, order rules, people are not worth the effort.
4. Melancholy – analytic, needs to be precise, often negative, punctual, rules rule, people are beyond help.

Each of the temperaments is a gift from God. Each temperament needs to be under the control of the Holy Spirit in order to be a blessing to your mate.
Husband /wife, it is impossible to change your spouse. Neither should we despise the temperament God gave. These differences in each other should cause us to appreciate the God’s gift of your spouse.
Prayer: Father, help us to appreciate one another and thank you for the unique gift of our personalities, and how you created us to complement each other.

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